We’re organizing events like our monthly founders table, start-up crawls and other cool events. The work is done in small teams. We always appreciate your help. It’s easy for you to try out your own ideas. You can also experience how to approach founders and investors. No matter if you recently started your studies or you’re already writing the last lines of your master’s thesis – there’s a always a thrilling task for you.
From time to time, we’re offering open days at our office. On these days, we’ll introduce ourselves to possible new members. Another great possibility is to approach us on our events. That’s the most impressive way to see the result of our (and maybe your) work. Anyway, you can just visit our weekly meetings on Wednesday. Write us on Facebook if you’re interested.
While you are part of our team, there are numerous opportunities to get to know people who work for a start-up or who founded a company themselves. We host some founder talks exclusively for our members, hold workshops with expert in diverse fields and thus, learn directly from the experts.
Of course, we’re not. Thanks to the START network, the Gründermagnet, and our local partners, our members benefit from exclusive offers for many entrepreneurship summits across Europe.
Over the time we have build a strong network to experienced people in Berlin’s startup scene. They are always happy to help us with career related questions or questions on particular topics. Get to know them, so that they can also help you.
We’re not separated into departments and aren’t a top-down organization. Our team member’s tasks are frequently changing, so you’ll have a lot of opportunities. Typical activities include event management, marketing, communication, design and CI, IT and finance.
Strengthen your network by not only chat with decision makers on a networking event but actually working with them! You will get to know them personally and they will get to know you and your work ethics which might open new opportunities, eventually.
We know that ‘soft skill’ is a terrible buzzword. However, have you ever wondered where leadership skills should come from if you don’t have the chance to actually develop them? We give you the opportunity to do exactly that: enforce a vision, coordinate a team, overcome challenges, and master communication.
There is no question that people will look at your resume differently once you dedicate a portion of your time to our club. When you have spent time on our board we promise that you will have a more thorough know how on related topics, a deeper understanding of the start-up scene, and more valuable connections than the average graduate student.
If you are looking for employment or if you want to start your own business, start building the basis to jumpstart your career.

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